Oxhey Park

Basic Bunker Technique

The Tip: 


  • Aim the blade square to the target line (or very slightly open for extra height)
  • The body should be parallel to the target line (or very slightly open)


  • As normal


  • Take a wide stance (at least driver width) and squat slightly
  • The ball should be positioned approximately 2” forward of centre
  • Your weight should favour the front leg – approximately 60-70%
  • Try to feel that your shoulders and hips are level
  • Allow your arms to hang naturally


  • You must ensure that your weight stays in your left leg throughout
  • Pick a spot approximately 1.5-2” behind the ball and focus on it. The more or less sand you take will largely determine the distance the ball travels along with swing speed
  • Turn your upper half whilst retaining your slight squat
  • Allow your left wrist to ‘cup’ rather than just hinge. This adds loft and bounce
  • Allow the club to swing down at your spot as you rotate to the target – it will bounce under the ball popping it up and out! The ball flies on a cushion of sand.
  • To hit a higher and softer shot ensure the clubface faces the sky through to the finish.


  • Draw a line in the sand 1.5 – 2” behind an imaginary ball and make swings trying to contact the sand at that point