Oxhey Park


The Tip: 


  • Pick your target line and ensure the blade of the club is at 90 degrees to it
  • Your shoulders should be parallel to the target line along with the feet, although your feet can be slightly open


  • As normal, although you can hold down the grip for added control


  • Your stance should be no wider than half of shoulder width (about 6”)
  • Your weight should favour your front foot – approx 60 – 70%
  • Position the ball in the centre of your stance. Back for a lower trajectory or forward for higher
  • Position your hands forward of centre so the shaft leans towards the target


  • Your arms gently swing back via the turning of your shoulders
  • Your weight must stay favouring your front foot
  • Wrists should be passive – better wooden than floppy. Your club head will stay fairly low to the ground
  • The swing should ideally be smoothly accelerating and 50 – 50 in length
  • At impact your hands must be ahead of the club head
  • Avoid hitting at the ball and scooping
  • Focus where you want the ball to land
  • Same technique whether you use a 7 iron or SW


  • Hold club in belly and choke down shaft. Gently rotate back and through
  • Hit consecutive shots, gradually increasing in distance by 1 metre