Oxhey Park

Custom Fit

Improving your game starts with custom fitted golf equipment. At Oxhey Park Golf Club we are experts in custom fitting and will give you a warm welcome, whatever your playing level, take you through the custom fitting process and fit you with the best clubs to take your game to the next level.

What is Custom Fit?

Custom fitting is a comprehensive tee to green program that enables your golf professional to prescribe properly fitted equipment for you throughout your entire set. We use distinct driver, fairway, iron and wedge fitting tools and methods that enable us to identify the best club models and specifications to maximise your capabilities.

A typical fitting session will give you the following:

  • Correct loft & lie
  • Shaft choice to complement your swing speed
  • Correct length of shaft
  • Set building – to ensure there are no gaps in hitting distances throughout your set
  • Correct grip style and size

Every golfer’s swing is unique and has different requirements from their equipment, including length, lie, loft, shaft flex and grip thickness . We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive fitting service for all levels of golfer beginning with an interview, followed by static measurements and then dynamic measurements with accurate comparison.

I believe that we will help you to:-

  • Improve your ball striking and increase enjoyment
  • Lower your scores
  • Provide exceptional service with honest feedback
  • Provide bespoke personalised equipment at exceptional value
  • Offer leading brands including:-

Your Custom Fit session will be carried out by a PGA Professional who is trained in the latest fitting techniques. A session typically lasts in the region of 60 minutes. A fee of £30.00 is charged for this service, however should you go ahead and make a purchase, then £15.00 will be deducted from the price.


We also provide a comprehensive repair service including re-grips, re-shafts, re-furbishing of old wooden clubs, loft & lie checks and changes. All carried out with care in a timely manner.