Oxhey Park

Long Game - Driving

The Tip: 


  • Pre shot routine – select an intermediate target
  • Aim the blade square to the target line
  • The body should be parallel to the target line


  • As normal


  • Take a wide stance – shoulder width for optimum balance
  • Ensure that your weight favours the balls of your feet
  • Tee ball up high and just inside front foot
  • Sense that you are behind the ball, with your weight slightly favouring your back foot
  • Allow your arms to hang naturally with your elbows comfortably pressed towards each other


  • Your take away should be initiated by a turning of your shoulders
  • Width is key throughout
  • At the top – look for the following – weight favours inside of right leg / posture has remained constant / full shoulder turn with sternum over right leg / shaft faces target


  • Transition move is key – arms swing down as weight transfers into front foot and body unwinds. This allows club to approach ball from an inside path
  • At impact your weight will favour your front, however your sternum should be behind the ball and your posture constant
  • Your right shoulder will turn under your chin as you extend towards the target ensuring that you sweep the ball off the tee
  • Finish facing the target in balance


  • Hold arms across chest and make slow motion pivots